Used Equipment – Moviecam cameras MK-1, MK-2, SuperAmerica

AM Camera can broker and promote the sale of your equipment. From full camera packages to individual accessories, your equipment can be listed on our site for a modest fee once the equipment is sold. Drop me a line for more information.
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16mm Aaton Aminima s/n 443$23,000
Moviecam SL MK-2, 3P/4p, S/N 1107$36,000
Moviecam SL MK-1 4P, S/N 118518,000
Moviecam Compact, MK-2, 3P, SN 50420,000
Moviecam Compact, MK-2, 3P, SN 52420,000
Moviecam Compact MK-1, 4P, S/N 523Call Andree at (661) 433-766 for details