Terms and Conditions

Labor Rate: AM Camera labor is billed at 175.00 per hour and invoiced in half hour increments after the first hour.

Estimates: AM Camera will provide a detailed written estimate prior to the start of any repair upon request. While we strive to be as accurate as possible with our evaluations, unforeseen issues do, at times, rear their ugly heads once the repair is in progress. AM Camera will contact you for approval of any additional work necessary.

Payment Options: Payments can be made via check, bank or wire transfer, or Zelle.

Payment Terms: Payment is due upon completion of repair or sale. Once an account is established, payment must be received in 30 days.  We also accept payment by Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Shipping: Shipping charges to and from AM Camera are the responsibility of the camera owner. Please indicate if any special instructions are required prior to the return shipment of any equipment in terms of insurance value or required signatures.

International Shipments: While we do take on International work, AM Camera will not be responsible for any Customs or Duty fees associated with the shipment of any equipment. It will be the responsibility of the shipper / equipment owner to arrange for initial and return shipments and assume responsibility for all primary and secondary fees relative to the shipment.

Limited Warranty: AM Camera’s principle goal is to strive for perfection. We therefore provide a 90 day warranty for all labor and a limited warranty on parts. The warranty on parts will be subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty. We pay painstaking attention to detail and make every effort to ensure the quality of our work. That being said, it is still the responsibility of the equipment owner / end user to ensure that the equipment is fully functional and ready to “shoot”. AM Camera is not responsible for any expenses due to lost footage, down time or any costs associated with any equipment failure.

Equipment Security and Loss: AM Camera and Venture Quest take painstaking efforts to properly secure our facility from theft, fire and unforeseen acts of Mother Nature. Our facility is monitored 24 hrs a day by a security company and we have installed multiple monitoring systems giving us instant alerts to any activity within our office spaces. AM Camera cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to any equipment. It will be the equipment owner’s responsibility to decide whether or not to leave equipment at AM Camera pending repair and return of equipment.