Ground Glasses

AM Camera has a large selection of new and used ground glasses in inventory. 35-IIC /  Arri-3, 35BL, Arricam, 435 / 235, Moviecam, Aaton and Mitchell Fries are available. We also have 16SR fiber screens. We can also dismount and reformat unused / irrelevant ground glasses which is a cost effective alternative to purchasing new glass.

AM Camera has a long working relationship with Shurco Tool. Any ground glass order, new, custom or reformat can be placed through AM Camera at no additional cost.

Penciled formats:  AM Camera can pencil any format you need at a reasonable cost. The penciling is clean and accurate and a reasonable alternative to the cost of a new ground glass. (Square corners only. I’m good but I’m not that good!)

Please contact AM Camera for pricing of all ground glasses and fiber screens.

We also have frames for 235, 435, 535, Arricam and Moviecams.